Dr. Pucci.  I wanted to thank you for all the help and guidance you gave during my pre op and post op visits. You really set a soild foundation and gave me an honest look at how things would work for me as a new bariatric pt. I know that you did the surgery on my body and I did the work it took to get where I am now. Its hard to put into words how my life has changed since my gastic bypass 3.5 years ago. All for the better of course. I no longer have pain everytime I move. I can climb steps and not feel death approching. I have endless engery. I exercise and cook healthly. I no longer hide from the camera and attempt to be invisible in a crowded room. All of my healthly life changes, leading a happier and more forfilled life stared the day I heard you speak at a seminar. From there things and life in general have started to fall into place. I often explain to  people that I feel like the same person on the inside that has always been afaid to come out....thanks to your guidance and follow up with ideas and supports, Im just not afaid any more. Ive lost and maintained a 160 pound loss. I look forward to seeing you in May for my 4th. annual follow up! Keep up the good work.*                                                                                             J. B.                                                                                                                                                                  

I have battled with my weight all my life.  I was never a big junk food eater, but I ate large portions and I wasn't exercising.  It had never about been what I ate, but more the amount that I ate.  I would also eat out of boredom, which many people do and don't realize how many calories they're putting into their bodies.  I was 253 pounds prior to my surgery.  I had tried fad diet after fad diet.  I went to my doctor and was put on Meridia, and lost 35 pounds, but it wasn't as much as I needed to lose.  I tried the drug a second time, but it was a dead end for me.

I was miserable about everything that I did and the way I felt about myself.  I hated the way I looked in clothes.  I loved playing softball but I had stopped.  Forget about even walking up a flight of stairs! I had been diagnosed with diabetes, sleep apnea, back problems and hypothyroidism.  I was in a place I didn't think I'd ever get to in my life.  

On New Years two years ago, I wound up in the hospital with pneumonia after passing out in the shower.  I coughed so hard from it that I burst all the blood vessels in my eyes.  I knew I looked like crap and took a picture of myself with my camera phone.  When I saw it, I freaked out.  I was overweight, breathing through an oxygen tube and thought, "I can't do this.  I'm too young."  I just wanted to be normal.  The slight of that one little camera phone picture made me realize I needed to do something serious.  

I started to look into surgery.  I went to seminars and did the research.  I found Dr. Pucci from an ad in the newspaper.  I had gone to other hospitals and seminars, but I didn't like that you couldn't even speak to a doctor one-on-one until you'd gone through a series of tests.    Dr. Pucci made me feel like I wasn't just in an assembly line.  When I met him, I was able to sit down, go through the actual procedure one-on-one.  I had done a lot of reading and research and I was very comfortable with him.  And I didn't have to go through tests before just sitting to talk to him. To me, that made a difference.

When I left the hospital after the bypass surgery in October of 2005, I had actually put on a little bit of weight because of swelling and fluid retention.  But twelve days later, I had lost 17 pounds. 

I've lost 87 pounds to date and am down to 162 now.  Ideally, I'd like to hit a size eight.  Eating after the surgery is actually pretty simple, even though I had to relearn some behaviors.  I was a fast eater - I drove fast, spoke fast and ate fast.  I never took a lunch break during workdays before the surgery either.  Now, I know eating slowly is really important.  I eat proteins first -that's what bodies need to maintain muscle.  I stay away from rice and breads.  And I had already been used to a low sugar diet because of my diabetes.  

I no longer have diabetes or sleep apnea.  While my back problems are not going to go away, I can do things now that I wasn't able to do without being in agony.  And I'm playing softball again.  

The best part of having this surgery is my self-esteem. Second to that would be my health.  I know it should be the other way around, because I had the surgery for my health, not for my looks.  But it makes everyday life that much better.  I get a pedicure every month - because I can see my feet now.  The surgery definitely put a smile back on my face.

When you have good self-esteem, even health issues become better.  I was going to my doctors - endocrinologists, foot doctors, my primary - once a week.  I don't have to go that often anymore and it's nice to know that I can go to the doctor and have him say, "You sound good."  Instead of appointments next month, now it's next year.  I can wake up in the morning and thank God I'm breathing.*  
S. C.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude, respect and appreciation to you and your group.  You are all phenominal individuals with outstanding dedication, care, compassion and understanding to your consumers and their needs.

I highly recommend you and your group to others, and state with great pride "Dr.  Pucci, performed my gastric bypass surgery."

Thank you 
God Bless you all,*
A. C.

Thank you so much for saving my life.  The quality of my life has improved so much in the last year.  I am able to do things I would never have imagined before.  This past month I was able to go ice fishing with my hubby and run around on the ice with cleats.  I would have been to afraid in the past with my old weight to even walk near ice let alone on it.  Who knows, mabe ice skating is in my future.  Looking forward to more weight loss and more activities.  

Thanks again...*
Ellen D.

Prior to my surgery in September of 2005, I weighed 319 pounds and wore a size 26.  My weight made me feel horrible.  Men wouldn't look at me unless they were bigger than I was.  I couldn't exercise.  I hated shopping for clothes because everything looked horrible on me.  I run a horse farm and could barely keep up with the animals.  I suffered from arthritis in my knee, a weak bladder, back problems, sleep apnea and high blood pressure -typical "fat chick" problems.  It was not a fun life.

I tried everything to lose weight -Jenny Craig, WeightWatchers, Fen-Phen, Meridia, doctor prescribed diets and fad diets.  I tried going to the gym, but I was wasting my money because I was too fat to get on the machines to work out.  Truth is I didn't have the willpower to stop eating. 

It took me about a year to decide to have bariatric surgery.  My father had the surgery about fifteen years ago, when the procedure was much different than today, and it made me apprehensive.  As I visited some pre-surgery support groups, I learned how much has changed.  I opted for the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and today, the surgery is performed laproscopically.  I only have six little dots on my belly. 

A friend of mine was also looking into bariatric surgery and we decided upon the doctors at Good Samaritan Hospital together.  They made me feel so good and performed every test necessary to make sure it would be safe for me.  They made me feel like they cared - not just about the surgery, but about me as a person.  And on the day of the surgery, they asked me if I was ready.  I was ready to change my life.  

I had the surgery on a Monday.  By Wednesday, I had lost nine pounds.  By the weekend, I had lost eleven pounds.  

The hardest adjustment for me was learning how to eat, but I've noticed that I don't even crave what I used to anymore.  I never looked at labels before my surgery.  Now, I spend the time to compare items trying to find out which is best for me - looking at sugar and protein levels.

Since the surgery, I've lost a total of 128 pounds and went from a size 26 to a size 12.  I've lost one boyfriend and gained three.  I can ride my horse now, go to the gym three or four times a week and now play softball for the first time in years.  I can sit down and cross my legs now -I hadn't been able to do that for so long.  

I feel good about myself now.  I was shopping one day and naturally gravitated towards the plus-size section when a salesperson came up to me and said, "Oh, sweetie, you don't need to be over here.  Your sizes are on this side", leading me to the regular sizes. I just thought, "Oh, wow." * 
H. C.

Wonderful – So happy – feel great!*
                                                    L. D.

The experience was great. For a long time I was dealing with a weight problem and now can say I’m on the road to a better life and better health. Thank you Dr. Pucci and staff!*
                                                                                             M. Z.

The lap band procedure has made weight loss possible. Since having children I have struggled to lose weight and have lost that battle. Since the surgery, it’s possible to lose the weight and keep it off. Lap Band surgery has changed my life. It made me feel younger and much more active. It allowed me to do activities that previously had been uncomfortable or embarrassing. I now ware a bathing suit proudly again, my children see a more content mother, and one who has a better relationship with food.*
                                                                                       A. B.

I am so grateful to you, and everyone in your office who gave me the assurance I needed to have the lap band operation. I formed my survival skills many years ago, but unfortunately these habits formed my future which turned out to be years living in far, and the inability to trust anybody but myself. I never realized until after the operation that I was the “enemy”. I hurt myself by denying that I needed help. I professed I could loose weight by myself. Well need-less-to-say I was very good at maintaining the wrong weight for years. I struggled and struggled only to loose and regain the weight a 100 times.

Life and years were passing my by and I couldn’t walk, breathe, do most things that normal people do. I started to isolate and when I would venture out of my house I always had my coat of armor on ready to take on anybody who tried to insult me about being unsuccessful, or felt they should tell me how to loose weight. I was safer to stay at home and isolate. In my heart I couldn’t stand how I was a spectator not a participator in my life. I wanted more, I was dying. This summer I hit my bottom.

That’s where you came in Dr. Pucci.  I had met several people that had the lap band done by you and your brothers. They were thrilled with the results without any side effects to speak of. I was jealous and decided to make an appointment and see for myself if would be able to let someone finally help me with this insidious disease that eventually would have landed me in a morgue. When you walked into the door to speak to me, all my fears disappeared. I felt relaxed and believed you really wanted to help me have a better life. I was willing to step outside the box. I took the risk to change my body knowing that I had done everything. I needed a doctor who was qualified and would help me get my life back and live it happier and healthier then I ever dreamed possible.

I am so grateful to say that it has been three and a half weeks since my surgery. I never took pain pills and never had any side effects what-so-ever. I feel great, I am optimistic and I had a great two week weight loss which was the icing on the cake. You gave me the best Christmas present I could ever ask for, life instead of death. My attitude is so much better. I really respect that the operation is intended to assist me if accept and acknowledge it is only a tool that I must honor and respect and not abuse. I am committed to following all the rules that the nutritionist gave and I will keep coming back to see you so you can monitor me and keep me honest.
I thank God I chose you, it’s the best decision I ever made. It is because of you and your sincere concern for me that I feel hopeful instead of hopeless. You helped me by opening the door for a better life. My reality today isn’t the morgue, its enjoying and appreciating everyday that I wake up and am still breathing. Thank you for saving my life!*
D. C.

Five days and zero buffets. That makes me (and my lap band) a real winner!!!  Now if you could just fix the slot machines!!!*
   D. E.

All of my experiences, from intro to procedure by Dr. Pucci, his staff, it all was positive and encouraging. I was well informed as to what would happen during surgery and after. There were no surprises. I was amazed at the care and professionalism of all involved.*
 A. K.

Dear Dr. Pucci,
I want to thank you for giving me back my youth - my life!  I feel 20 years younger and can do all the fun things I used to when I was a kid.  I plan on running in some 5k's this summer and I have even taken up skiing!  My energy and attitude are so much better.  My doctor can't believe how I have turned my health around.  I feel like I can do ANYTHING!  Next Spring:  Rock Climbing!  Thanks to you and your dedicated staf! Much love and thanks!*    J. K.

*Testimonials are from our patients and individual results may vary.
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